16 October 2013

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"Underground Never Dies!" chronicles the underground metal explosion of the mid-1980s through early 1990s when a decentralized volunteer force created a parallel music industry for music that had no commercial appeal, but a fervent sense of truth and opposition to some aspects of post-modern civilization.

With over 500 pages of interviews, photos, excerpts from period fanzines and artwork, "Underground Never Dies!" addresses the complex interweaving of bands, fans, zines, promoters, artists and labels that fostered the underground metal movement and allowed it to expand with maximum flexibility.

Written by Grinder Magazine Editor Andrés Padilla, the book includes fanzines from around the world as well as an extensive selection of underground flyers, so it will be not only a narrative of the history of underground metal, but also a massive and interesting menu of diverse viewpoints for devotees of underground metal genres such as death metal, black metal, grindcore and doom metal.

Doomentia Press will publish and distribute "Underground Never Dies!" which will include a compilation 12" LP featuring historically important bands exhumed from the 80s, such as Slaughter Lord (Australia), Mutilated (France), Incubus (Florida, USA), Poison (Germany), Exmortis (USA), Fatal (USA), Armoros (Canada), Mental Decay (Denmark), Funeral Nation (USA) and Insanity (USA) among others. Presented in gatefold format, and limited to the first 500 copies of the book, the LP will be followed by CD and tape versions of the same material with added bonus tracks.

Cover art by Mark Riddick accompanies introductions by Ian Christe (Bazillion Points), Chris Reifert (Autopsy), Erik Danielsson (Watain) and Alan Moses (Glorious Times). This celebration of the underground will attempt to make sense of the fertile but chaotic years of its origins.

The LP will contain the following tracks:

INCUBUS Engulfed in Unspeakable Horrors 5'19''
SLAUGHTER LORD Taste Of Blood 3'13''
MUTILATED Hysterical Corpse Dislocation 3'05''
DR. SHRINKER Cerebral Seizure 3'06''
AFTERMATH When You Will Die 3'52''
EXMORTIS Beyond The Realm Of Madness 3'24''

Total Running Time Aprox. 21 ' 30 ''

NECROVORE Mutilated Death 4'25''
INVOCATOR The Persistence from Memorial Chasm 4'14''
SADISM Psychomental Storm 2'57''
ARMOROS Euphoria 3'23''
POISON Black Death 3'14''
MENTAL DECAY The Final Scar 3'27''

Total Running Time Aprox. 21'98

Bonus Tracks for CD/MC:

PHANTASM (US) A Souls Nightmare 8'12''
FATAL (US) Malevolence 2'44''
FUNERAL NATION (US) Sign Of Baphomet 4'03''
VIBRION (ARG) Massive Frustration 2'56''
INSANITY (US) Fire Death Fate 2'51''
DEATH YELL (CHI) Untited Track - Unreleased 3'17''
CORPSE GRINDER (CHI) Concentrator Camps 3'53''
NECRO BUTCHER (BRA) Christ Psychic Butchery 1'53''
INNER SANCTUM (URG) Deathless Prophet 3'37''
MACERATION (DK) The Forgotten 2'40''
BLOODSOAKED (MX) Emptiness 3'01''

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