27 August 2018


"Death...Is Just The Beginning" returns! Yes, if your are an Old School metaller or you were in the scene in late 80s/early 90s then you are very aware of this famous compliation by Nuclear Blast, In fact the first "Death...Is Just The Beginning" was released in 1990.

This time this compilation includes 16 bands re-recording classic tracks, Nuclear Blast bands performing covers of classic songs from other Nuclear Blast artists, demos and rarities of previously releases and unreleased songs.

"Death...Is Just The Beginning MMXVIII" will be released on October 19th. Pre-orders for the different formats available here.
Check out full tracklisting and official trailer below...

BENEDICTION "Tear Of TheseFucking Wings" (unreleased demo of new song)
KATAKLYSM "The Awakener" (re-recorded)
HYPOCRISY "They Lie" (The Exploited cover)
THE SPIRIT "Illuminte The Night Sky"
MEMORIAM "The War Rages On" (demo)
INSIDIOUS DISEASE "Soul Excavation" (unreleased new song)
POSSESSED "Abandoned" (unreleased demo of new song)
THY ART IS MURDER "The Son Of Misery"
IMMOLATION "Morbid Visions" (feat. Max Cavlera) (Sepultura cover)
NAILED TO OBSCURITY "King Delusion" (unreleased new song)
BLEEDING GODS "Beloved By Artemis"
DECAPITATED "Sane" (Meshuggah cover)
AENIMUS "Before The Eons" (unreleased new song)
PARADISE LOST "Frozen Illusion" (previously released Japanese only b-side)
CARCASS "A Wrait In The Aparatus"
BRUJERIA "Viva Presidente Trump" (previously only available digitally and on vinyl) 

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