27 August 2018


PUTREFIANCE from France, hailing the good old stench of death and putrid sounds. Morbid and raw old school death metal, no more no less. Read the following interview with Olivier (Guitars) and rot in Magnificent Putridity...

What brought about the formation of Putrefiance? Please introduce the line up to the readers.
Fran (drums) and I began to jam together  in mid 2017, then Régis (bass, vocals) join us in june. They already played together in several crust/grind bands like Geriatric Slaughter, NHE, and Mise en Bière.
How did you come up with the band´s name?
I don't know, we wanted something old fashionned, something really clear about what we play.
Let´s talk about the debut demo that you just recently released, how are your feelings now it is out. What can you tell us about the recording process? How has the response been so far? 
We are cool with the demo, the first original press is sold out, which is quite easy with 30 copies.  We recorded it at Cripple Room Studio, tun by Guillaume, the main man behind french gore grind legends Pulmonary Fibrosis.
We Recorded all songs live, then we added a guitar  and the vocals, everything in one single day.
We got cool responses so far, people seems to like the old school vibe.
There will be 2 others pressings for the demo, 70 copies by Unpure Records in Poland, and 70 copies by Garrote Vil Records in Spain, both on pro k7, pro printed artwork etc.
Are you completely satisfied with the sound achieved? Is it the sound you had in mind before entering the studio?
Yes, we're ok with the sound. Regis and Fran already recorded there w/ Geriatric Slaughter. I personally thought it would be more « amateur », kind of rehearsal with cool sound, and it turns out to be semi pro recording as Guillaume knows his job very well.
Tell us about the inclusion of the Onslaught cover of “Thermonuclear Devastation” (killer track), their dirty and aggressive early hardcore style, why did you choose to record this track?
Well, it's 2 riffs and D-beat, so it was easy to learn ! It brings some freshness to our live set, and represents our punk influences. We like punk music, GBH, Discharge, Black Uniforms, anarcho punk, crust etc. The punk scene is strong here in Bordeaux, with bands like Sexplosion, Fraude, Bombardement, Shock, Slakteri...
How do you describe your sound and style? Love the slower parts, I guess you have a good taste for doom and doom death bands, so tell us about the bands that you consider your main influences…
It's plain death metal, simple, no trend no skills, with slow parts and punkish parts. I think we're influenced by the classic bands fom late 80's to mid 90's, let's name Autopsy, Obituary, Celtic Frost, Repulsion, Slayer, Pungent Stench, Bolt Thrower... Also nowadays bands like Blood Incantation, Dead Void, Spectral Voice, Corpsessed, Encoffination... About the doom genre I like early My Dying Bride, early Paradise Lost, early Candlemass, Cathedral first LP...
Morbid face of desolation is probably my fave track. It´s perfect, the slow doomy parts and the classic fast main death metal riff, what is your fave song or songs on the demo?
I know Fran's fave is Mental Lesion, with an unusual drum pattern for us at the beginning of the track, Regis likes Magnificent Putridity and Voices of Pandemia. Mine is Order from Malevolence, the first slow riff is really old, I got it nearly 25 years ago, and has never been used 'till now, its like exhuming the riff, so the track has a « true » old school vibe to me.
Tell us about the simple yet cool old school style cover artwork…
The artwork has been done by Melloul, a friend of us with whom I used to play in a punk band called Dëviänce Pörcine, he is a great drummer and an illustrator. We asked for a Bic pen artwork, with zombies and stuffs, like when he was 16 and bored at school. We think it suits the music very well : ugly, simple and effective.
Besides the modern digital format there is a limited edition on tape, quite limited though, what can you tell about this edition?
It's a C20 grey tape, dubbed at home, in a black sprayed cardboard case with insert, it has 6 tracks, and is limited to 30. Black/white artwork and insert.

What can you tell about your lyrics, with cool classic old school song titles like magnificent putridity, mental lesion and morbid face of desolation, is there an overall theme to the songs on the album? Where do you draw your inspiration?
No overall themes, just cool titles that suits the music well.
Will the new songs change from now on? Are you willing to try different things regarding sound and structures?
Maybe we'll put more German thrash in it, as we also love fast parts and evil sounding riffs.
What does bands like Massacra, Mutilated and Loudblast mean for you guys?
Pionners who never get the recognition they deserve, except for Loudblast. (Massacra is pure Cult! and I love Mutilated demos - specially "Psychodeath Lunatics", pity they didn´t release more stuff - Chris)
What´s your view about the current French scene? I love Necrowretch´s Satanic slavery, released last year, would you recommend us more, French bands/releases for us?
Skelethal, Atavisma, Fall of Seraphs, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Rotten, Grinder Bueno, Angoisse, Ad Patres... 
Who has been the best band you ever seen live?
The best show was Slayer, Paris 1991, with the original line-up. Napalm Death in Lievin (fr) 1993 if I'm correct, with more people on stage than in the pit. Cathedral in Bordeaux 2003 was great too.
What´s the strangest place and the most shocking place you have been?
I used to work in dynamite some years ago : I had to prepare explosives to pierce a tunnel. One day the miners told me if I wanted to go down with them in the tunnel, to see an explosion. We were hidden maybe 100meters far from the explosives, down under the Pyrenean moutain, anyway the blast put me on my knees. For a moment it was defeaning, unbreathable, but still a strong experience.
What can we expect from Putrefiance in the near future? Do you have new songs completed? 
No new songs completed, but some new songs in the work. A lot of rehearsal before our show with Necrot, Lust for Death and Agoisse on september 29th 
Thanks you for your time, last words are yours...
Thank you for covering Putrefiance ! Long live the blog !

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