12 January 2018

ROTTING CHRIST To Release "The Call" Special 7" EP

Celebrating 30 years of existence ROTTING CHRIST recorded a brand new song "The Call", which will be released on February 9th as a  special 7" vinyl through Peaceville Records. The EP also contains a live version of "The Sign Of Evil Existence" featuring Nergal from Behemoth and Necroabyssus from Varathron

"The Call" acts as a precursor to the upcoming deluxe 5-disc set "Under Our Black Cult" featuring a book written by The Cult Never Dies author Dayal Patterson chronicling the early years of the band from their grindcore origins to reigning masters of occult Hellenic black metal, with interviews with the band, plus fellow members from the black metal and underground scenes. Also featured are 5 audio discs containing the comprehensive early works of the band including demos, rarities, EPs, albums & live material, and rightly showing why Rotting Christ have sustained a three decade legacy on the back of their inspirational beginnings."

.The following are Sakis` words about "The Call": "Dear Listener, We decided to celebrate our 30 years of existence with some faithful to our underground roots releases and The Call is one of those releases. Hope you will enjoy our journey into the depths of the darkness and, until the next 30 years celebration release, keep the true Metal Spirit alive”.

Pre-order available here.

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