23 January 2018

DEAD VOID "The Looming Spectre" Debut Demo

Excellent debut demo from DEAD VOID, a trio from Copenhagen. They released a rehearsal demo last year but "The Looming Spectre" is their first studio recording. It was released this month, recorded in October 2017. 

Four tracks of Doom / Death with huge slow riffs, great mid tempo parts (with some Celtic Frost and Winter reminiscences), some fast parts too, all perfectly blended with a cavernous sound to create a really obscure vibe. I really dig this demo and I won´t be surprised if a good record label give the band a chance to record the debut full-lenght soon.

The demo is available as digital download at the band´s bandcamp page, physical copies on cassette and t-shirts available at the band´s webstore here.

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