29 September 2017

SARTEGOS / BALMOG To Release Split 7" EP

From the dark corners of the underground the Galician Black Metal scene continues to attack with force and exposing its quality. The Portuguese label Caverna Abismal Records has just announced the release of a Split 7 "EP of the bands SARTEGOS and BALMOG, which will feature new tracks from both groups. Scheduled fo its release on December 11th.

SARTEGOS is a duo from Pontevedra formed in 2008, they have two demo tapes, "A Serpe Do Escarnio" (2010), "Mortualha" (2011), in addition to the excellent EP "As Fontes do Negrume" (2013) and its latest release to date is the Split 12 "EP with French band Ysengrin, released last year.

BALMOG, also from Pontevedra were formed in 2003 and they released several demos, EPs, splits and two studio albums, "Testimony Of The Abominable" released in 2013 and "Svmma Fide" in 2015. Earlier this year they launched a Split with the Basque band Nakkiga.

While we wait for the new tracks check out past ceremonials from these obscure bands…escuridade galega!

       SARTEGOS                                                             BALMOG

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