21 September 2017

DRACENA To Release 3rd Album "Cursed To The Night"

Do you hear the sound of the wings?...yeah the mighty DRACENA returns with a new album, the third full-length “Cursed To The Night” which will soon be released by Infernö Records as a CD and a limited edition MC.

The album features special guest appearancens by Fredrik Folkare from Unleashed/Firespawn on lead solos and melodies and Ola Malmström from Sorcery on additional vocals on one of the songs.
The cover album “The Draque” once again belongs to Mariusz Gandzel.

Two of the 8 album tracks have been revealed, the title track, and “Masque of Death”, and both are great, fierce yet melodic  old school heavy thrash, with Mia´s obsure/raspy vocals as usual, Killer!

Ph: Tallee Savage/Savage photography

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