9 March 2017

SOULROT "Nameless Hideous Manifestations"

Memento Mori records sets April 24th as release date for SOULROT´s debut full-length “Nameless Hideous Manifestations”.
This Old school death metal band from Valparaiso, Chile started in 2013 and released their debut recording “Horror From Beyond” demo in 2014 and the EP “Revelations” released last year.
Recently the band launched a digital single entitled “From My Grave” Featuring the title track and two rehearsal tracks, including a Nirvana 2002 cover.
The band is inspired by classic acts such as Nihilist/Entombed, Carnage, Autopsy, Grave, Demigod, Nirvana 2002, Asphyx among others. Lyrically the band is inspired by “H.P. Lovecraft's cosmogony and the preternatural
Here´s the advance track “From My Grave”

1. Desde el Arrecife del Diablo...
2. Those Who Dwell in the Abyss
3. From My Grave
4. Ectoplasmic Revelations
5. Infertile Anti-Womb
6. This Putrid Canvas
7. Majestic Rot
8. Incorporeal Autopsy
9. Blackstone
10. Transfigured Through the Void

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