10 March 2017

SCÁTH NA DÉITHE "Pledge Nothing But Flesh"

Another obscure band emerging from the Irish Scene, SCÁTH NA DÉITHE based in Dublin started in 2015, releasing the same year the demo “The Horrors Of Old” and the band have just recently  released their first full length album “Pledge Nothing But Flesh”  last January 13th.

SCÁTH NA DÉITHE (The Shadow of The Gods) performs dark, morbid music with elements of black and death metal, even with somber slow passages yet melodic (like early My Dying bride), as at the beginning of “Bloodless”, and great quiet acoustic moments like at the end of “Search Unending” or the 01:50 minutes of Fáilte Na Marbh.
The duration of the songs is about 10 minutes length, with the exception of the first track “Si Gaoithe” and Fáilte Na Marbh, and every track is well structured so monotony doesn’t set in, offering dark heavy music, sometimes aggresive, but above all...atmospheric.

“Pledge Nothing But Flesh” is a highly recommended album, and is available on CD and digitally from the bandcamp page, and a limited cassette edition will be available from Metal Defiance Productions this month

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