19 December 2016


It was a great and pleasant surprise to meet  DIOIVO, this Spanish band emerging from Vigo, Galicia, performs as a duo both in studio and on stage. I had the chance to talk with Daniel (drums) and Jacobo (vocal, guitars) after a local gig, and as a result here is a short but interesting interview…a hard rain´s a-gonna fall…

When and how did you  guys joined forces under the name DIOIVO?
Daniel - We had known each other for a long time and we both played in a thrash band called Rust In Piece, we both played together during the breaks, black metal material that Jacobo had composed, and then in February-March of this year we decided to focus on DIOIVO
Jacobo - We took part in a musical contest and we composed music for a poem by a Galician poetess (Rosalia De Castro) we were very satisfied and liked the result, so we decided to go on.
What´s the meaning of the band name and why did you chose it?
J - "Dioivo" is one of the more than one hundred words the Galician language has for refering to the rain. The Rain is a very characteristic element of the Galician weather, besides it is something that fits with our black metal aproach, with folk and nature influences and it is something that we reflect in our lyrics; the defense of the earth, the defense of the galician language, the defense of nature, it was important for us to chose a Galician word, (meaning "Deluge") among many words, we liked and choose that one.
So, it is important for the band to express the influence of the Galician culture into the lyrics?
J - Honestly, I don´t like writing too much, it's not my specialty, but it has to be done! so I'm inspired by those themes, the defense of Galician culture, our nature, some personal ideas...it depends on the mood sometimes, but the priority for us is the music.
Besides the influences of atmospheric and aggresive black metal, I also noticed some influence of (old School) thrash.  How do you define your style and which bands have influenced you?
J - Yes, I think that especially our sound comes close to melodic black metal, Swedish bands like Dissection, Sacramentum, Vinterland, Unanimated, but also for structures and some riffs I take influence of progressive thrash, and also progressive death metal like Cynic and Martyr, the extreme progressive metal bands are a great reference. We tried to capture several influences, focusing more on black metal, with guitar and drums only we were looking for a crude and sharp sound.
Have you considered adding new members to achieve a more full sound or are you content with the line-up as it currently exists?
D - That idea was present in the beginning, but as we were playing concerts and after we recorded the demo our intention is to continue as we are and not add members to the formation, also a duo is not too common here.
Tell us about the debut demo and the recording process.
D - We started recording the drums around March and April of last year, it was the easiest and fastest to record, then the vocals and the guitar took us a lot more time, Jacobo was with the producer Pablo Lopez in his studio, going continuously working to get the expected result.
J - Yes,  we worked on the details to the maximum possible, the counterproductive thing was then that the producer was quite tired of us (laughs). There is always some small detail that can be corrected or improved but in the end, with  the resources that we had the result is quite good. At the moment this is in digital format but we are planning to release it independently on CD and distribute some copies and see how it goes.
How many shows have you performed so far? How was the response from the audience?
D - We started in May of this year, I think we have played around ten concerts, it is not a very extensive baggage but it´s not bad.
J - We have played in different places like squatters´ houses, pubs and with different types of bands; folk, punks... but so far it has gone well.
What´s the strangest place and the most shocking one that you´ve been?
D - The strangest place when we played was without doubt in a Social centre called Quinta da Carmiña in Vigo, it was surprising in every way, we expected the typical house in ruins with walls falling into pieces, but wasn´t like that, there was a quite "peculiar" woman running the house, The people were very hospitable, oh yeah and we had lentils for dinner...
When we were 14 or 15 years old we played in an abandoned school and it was probably the weirdest place.
J - I remember that before joining Rust In peace the guys played in a bar with a strange garden and an association of smokers ...
D- We also rehearsed in my grandmother's storage room, and it was not soundproof, so it lasted until we were kicked it out.
Can you unveil the next steps for the band?
D - We will try to do more concerts, we hope to play outside Vigo, and we´ll try to record another demo or EP with 4 or 5 tracks.
D - we are contacting other bands of the scene, black metal bands that also sing in Galician and we are working on the possibility to meet them and play with them, Xerión, Lostregos…
J - Mileth, Noitébrega, Sartegos, there are very good bands in galicia. Also we are developing a separate project with acoustic guitars but let´s see how it goes…
D - Well that does not have much to do with DIOIVO but it's something parallel to the band.
Thanks for your time, anything else you want to add?
Thanks for the interview and the support.

The band have just released "Sempre pola Morte Esperas" a digital single featuring original and alternative version of the song they did for the contest they talked about in the interview, listen to it right here below...

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