11 August 2016

NECROPHILIAC "Maze Of Forking Paths" 2-CD Compilation

Xtreem Music announced the release of "Maze Of Forking Paths", an extense compilation containing material from NECROPHILIAC, one of the first Death Metal bands to emerge on the Spanish scene.  The band released various demos until the release of the debut album "Chaopula - Citadel Of Mirrors" in 1992.  The 2-CD compilation features the album along  with all demos, unreleased 7"EP's and live tracks with unreleased material.

"Maze of Forking Paths" is a complete collection of the band's studio & live recordings from ´88 to '92, all remastered with the best possible sound and a killer booklet full of photos, liner notes, demo covers, lyrics, flyers, etc. This is a mandatory release to understand where the spanish Death Metal scene comes from!"

Release date for "Maze of Forking Paths" will be September 1st.

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