17 August 2016

DEATHCULT "Beasts Of Faith"

Switzerland´s DEATHCULT will release the debut album "Beasts Of Faith".  The band was formed in 2010 and unleashed the excellent demo debut "Demo ´12" and then the great "Pleading for Death...Choking on Life",  two furious releases of Old-School Death Metal. 

"Beast Of Faith" will be released on September 26th, featuring nine tracks includuing a cover version of Death´s "Evil Dead"Invictus Productions will be release the CD version, while Iron Bonehead will be handling the vinyl version, which will be released later this year.

A sample track will be revealed soon, in the meantime check out the demo ´12 version of "Beast of Faith" and tracklisting below...and our 2014 interview with the band in this blog...if you didn´t yet.

Barren Land
Beasts of Faith
Hammer of Golgotha
Death in July
A Foul Glint
Discreate Homunkulus
The Sick Within
Evil Dead
An Accurst Procession

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