20 May 2016

FUNERAL NATION "After The Battle" Reissue

FUNERAL NATION will re-release their classic "After The Battle" debut album. Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the album it will be reissued on June 06, 2016  as a double CD  limited to 1000 copies. CD 1 will contain the original mix & mastering of the entire "After The Battle" recording before it was remastered by Turbo Music. CD 2 will contain many bonus tracks including: the song "Satan's Prey", that was cut from the release by Turbo, according to the band "because they did not have the balls to put it on the original release". It will also contain the original recordings from the first demo "State of Insanity" and a 12 page booklet with lyrics.  You can check out samples of it at the band's official website [here]. 

At the same time, the band will also reissue "Open Wide the Gates of Hell” which is the remixed and mastered version of "Second Coming" this time "the way it was always intended to be".

Last but not least, the band announced the release of their brand new album "Before The Dawn" on 31/10/16, It will be put out on cd and possibly vinyl.

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