17 May 2016


Eric Cutler, founder and current member of the cult and legendary Autopsy joined forces in 2013 with some other Death Metal Maniacs under the name NECROSIC. The band unleashed the first attack, their debut EP “Putrid Decimation”, reason enough to know more about the band and their "putrid" death metal. The casket drains…

You guys are together as NECROSIC since 2013, and all the band member also play with other bands, who had the idea to join forces into a new band? Did you guys start NECROSIC as a side project or as an established band from the first day?
It started because I write a lot of songs and I needed an outlet. Originally it was with John Shafer who plays drums for Hexx and is a brother of mine. I asked Erika to join and after a couple line up changes we are where we are. It was always to be an established band and stand on its own.
What are your influences? Did each member bring some influences from their previous bands into the sound of NECROSIC? 
My influences are not intentional but will always surface at some point. I write death metal songs but I do not try to direct it in any way. When I write riffs I record them and listen back and separate them out from Autopsy and not Autopsy. As far as everyone else, I don’t hear any particular influence from their other bands. We are trying to be original.
Do you think that as you are member of Autopsy most of the fans will expect from you a bit of the Autopsy sound and Style from Necrosic? How would you describe Necrosic´s sound and style?
I don’t know about that or care really. I write what I write, so one may hear a little Autopsy style but that's not intentional. I would describe Necrosic as death metal. The band gets its sound from the members who do what they do. Everyone in the band does what they know to do without me telling them anything and that is how we sound the way we do.

Now the album is finally out, how happy are you with how Putrid Decimation has turned out, in terms of how it sounds but also in terms of how it looks and could you possibly share with us few details of the recording process, studio time etc.?
I am stoked by how it came out. The production is great, the art is sick, the packaging rules! The recording was very quick, only a couple days. We went to Earhammer Studios, drank some whiskey and beers and recorded some killer metal!
How did Nuclear war now show the interest to sign with them? Did your send them a demo or did they approach the band after seeing you playing live?
I sent Yosuke a song from the session and he liked it and wanted to release it. NWN put out an Autopsy release a while back of the demo’s and we have been friends ever since then so it was a good fit.
Your debut show was now two years ago, with Diocletian and Gravehill, what things do you remember from your performance? How was the response from the audience? It there was any anecdote or funny history please share it with us…
It was a lot of fun but we weren't really ready to play live at the time. We had no rehearsals with Sean on vocals at that point and we were not tight yet. The crowd responded well though. Sean describes this band as strange because we are never in the same room at the same time.
Write some music and go!
Tell me about the choosing of the title Putrid Decimation, and about the cover artwork.
Erika came up with the title and I liked it immediately and we went with it. The cover was done by Rafal Kruszyk. I seen his art on covers for Cianide, Coffins, Nunslaughter and many others. I always liked his old school style covers and he did a kick ass job for us.  What can you tell us about the scene in Oakland and your view about the whole death metal scene in your country?
Oakland has a killer metal scene. There are so many great bands and the shows are attended by many sickos! I am amazed by the quality of stuff coming out of the bay area. I think death metal is bigger now in my country than ever. I don’t remember seeing it this big before. Everywhere Autopsy plays is a sold out show and years ago that didn’t happen.
What do you think about the latest Morbid Angel album “Illud…”? 
I haven’t heard it. I see a lot of hate for it but the worst critics are those who have done nothing themselves.

How do you see the state of underground as of today? Do you miss anything from the past or would you go back to rescue certain things from the early 90's? 
I miss tape trading and writing real letters. It was so exciting to get a tape in the mail and a letter. Roll a joint, crack a beer, put on the tape and read some news from a friend!
On the first Autopsy demo from 1987 you did vocals on the track Mauled to death, didn´t you ever have the temptation of doing lead vocals again, even when you started Necrosic?
I did vocals on several songs since Autopsy re-formed but I don’t really enjoy it so I am starting to skip it. I am doing vocals on a new project though. It is with Rogga Johansson and it will crush!
Which song from Putrid Decimation is your favorite live song, do you add cover songs to your live set?
No covers. My favorite song is Spawn of Radiation. I wrote it right after Autopsy did a couple shows with Bolt Thrower and I felt a drive to killchain!
Have you discussed with NWN the possibility of touring Europe?
No, I have a family and cannot tour at this time but who knows, maybe later yes!
Are you working on new tracks? Do you have any scheduled date release in your mind for a future full-length?
We are working on a couple splits and a full length.
No release dates yet though. Stay tuned!
What´s the strangest place and the most shocking one that you´ve been? 
Maybe Finland. Everyone was drunk, even in the early morning. The night was short, a couple hours of darkness only. At the hotel I opened a door that was labeled guest services and the room had a bed in it. In the bed was a drunk fellow and vodka bottles littered the floor. Madness prevails!
Thanks for your time!  Anything else you'd like to mention? 
Thank you for listening to me, check out Necrosic!


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