20 April 2016

MORTEM "Demonolatry..." Demo Compilation

Veins Full Of Wrath Pords. from Chile have just released a double CD of Peruvian Death Metallers MORTEM, with the four demos of the band.  "Demonolaty - Iter Tenebricosum Ad Priscam Mortem"  features  "Evil Dead" from 1989, "Superstition" [1991], "Vomit Of The Earth" [1992] and "Unearth The Buried Evil" [1993] and also four tracks from the EP "Devoted To Evil", originally released by Worship Him Records in 2006. A total of 25 remastered tracks, with a 32 page booklet including all lyrics, photos and flyers from that period. 

MORTEM is currently working on the release of their fifth full-length "Deinós Nekrómantis" later this year through the migthy Iron Pegasus Records!


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