22 January 2016


Iron Bonehead Productions will reissue "όλεθρος" the debut EP of the Slovakian trio GOATCRAFTOriginally released only on CD and limited to 500 copies last year by Hexencave Productions,  "όλεθρος" will be availabe on 12" vinyl and the releasedate is February 22nd.  The EP contains 13 tracks with an overall playing time of 25 minutes. Check out the tracklist below and the track "Temples Of The Underworld" from their debut demo "απώλεια"

Isle of the Dead
Temples of the Underworld
Cataclysmic Monuments
At the Nightside Dawn
Morbid Call
Chthonic Crevices
Down Below
Invocation of Death
Dreadful Dimensions
Far from Elysian Fields

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