26 January 2016

COFFIN LUST "Manifestation Of Inner Darkness"

Hells Headbangers set date release on May 13th for "Manifestation Of Inner Darkness", the debut album of COFFIN LUST. The band "...comprises two Australian metal veterans, J.R. (drums/guitar/bass/vox) and P.W. (guitar/vox), who collectively number between them such hordes as Nocturnal GravesDenouncement Pyre, Impious BaptismDestruktorCerekloth, and Trench Hell among others"  You can get more info about preorders for CD, Vinyl, Cassette tape and Digital at , on HH´s  bandcamp page [here] and you can also check two tracks revealed , "Swarming Black Inferno" and "Execration Of Mortality"...Pure Darkness! Full tracklisting below...

Excoriation of Morality
Beyond Redemption
Mass Extinction
Chaos Absolute
Swarming Black Inferno
Damnations Bringer
Prophecy of Malevolence
Manifestation of Inner Darkness

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