8 April 2020

SADISM To release "The Sadistic Key Elements"

SADISM, one of the most veteran and prestigious band from the mighty chilean scene will release their 9th album entitled "The Sadistic Key Elements" consisting of 10 cover songs.

Regarding the selection of bands to cover, founding members Juan Pablo Donoso (drums) and Ricardo Roberts (vocals) comment: "we picked within a broad spectrum of bands that we used to listen to and had left a great impression on us, but that wouldn´t be necessarily have influence on the current sound and style of Sadism. Among the selection, the majority correspond to Thrash Metal bands (with recordings between 1984 and 1988) which was the dominant style  in those days before the rise and legacy of Death Metal in years to come.
The Chosen bands were; Dark Angel, Sepultura, Destruction, Kreator, Voivod, Hallows Eve, Assassin, Infernäl Mäjesty, Sacrifice and Mercyful Fate."

The reccording features the collaboration of a few guitar players that are friends of the band such as Enrique Zuñiga (Atomic Agressor), Álvaro Soms (Dorso), Yanko Tolic (Massakre), Igor Leiva (Capilla Ardiente/Poema Arcanus), Claudio Illanes (Undercroft/Warpath), Hernán Muñoz (Recrucide) and Chris Irarrazabal (Nimrod B.C.) playing solos in some of the tracks.
Another cool fact about this release is that the band choose to use the old logo on the album cover, it was used on the band´s debut demo "Perdition of Souls" released in 1989. 

The band revealed a teaser with extracts of each song included on the album.
"The Sadistic Key Elements" will be out on June 5th through Toxic Records on Limited LP/LP/Digi CD and digital.

Check out the full track-list and listen to the teaser below.

01- Darkness Descends (Dark Angel) ft. Enrique Zuñiga
02- Light of the end (Sacrifie)
03- Ravenous Medicine (Voivod) ft. Igor Leiva
04- Flag of Hate (Kreator) ft. Claudio Illanes
05- Pain Killer (Hallows Eve)
06- From the Past Comes the Storm (Sepultura) ft. Hernán Muñoz
07- Eternal Ban (Destruction)
08- Skeletons In the Closset (Infernäl Mäjesty)
09- Abstract War (Assassin) ft. Yanko Tolic
10- Desectration of Souls (Mercyful Fate) ft. Álvaro Soms and Chris Irarrazabal

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