2 November 2018


SODOM releases a new single and video. "One Step Over The Line" A live version recorded at the Rock Hard festival. The song is a bonus track from the digital version of the new EP, "Partisan", to be released on November 23rd also as CD digi and 10" vnyl. 

NECROWRETCH released the awesome album "Satanic Slavery" last year. An album I´ll never get tired of praising. The have just released a video for the killer track "Tredeciman Blackfire"... Bring us the new album soon please!

A comeback album by CANCER, and seems to be a very good one. The track "Garrotte" (here with a nice lyric video) has "that" cool old-school vibe and sound, some describe it as a mix of To The Gory End and Death Sall Rise, and I totally agree.  The album "Shadow Gripped" comes out today via Peaceville Records.

"Black Widow" is the title of the single released by US heavy Metal band NIGHT DEMON. This is a cool "Maidenesque" track now accompanied by a video clip that a few teenagers may enjoy.

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