17 October 2018

THRONEHAMMER - Hammer Stake and Cross

Awesome stuff from THRONEHAMMER! I follow and like most of  the bands that Kat Shevil Gillham is involved, Winds of Genocide, Lucifers Chalice and Uncoffined (Cult Doom Metal Of Death!!!) so I was longing to hear Thronehammer´s music, since the details that were reveaded little by little became more interesting. 

The first song unveiled by the band, "Hammer Stake and Cross" is a huuuge dose of dark, old school doom, it reminded me a litle to Kat´s old band Blessed Realm, but this is heavier and far way darker. The track will be released in the 10" split vinyl "Vampire Bites" with Lord Of Solitude, coming in Novembrer through Church Within Records

"Bat Wings Take Flight..."

Kat Shevil Gillham - Vokills
Stuart Bootsy West - Guitars, Synth, FX

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