17 September 2018

DEATH WORSHIP "Extermination Mass" Demo Version

"Extermination Mass" was the debut MLP of DEATH WORSHIP. Nuclear War Now! is releasing the demo version of this recording. It was made in a home studio setting, a few months before entering the studio. The tape was circulating among close associates of the band.

The demo contains the six tracks of the MLP, set in the same order as the MLP, and will be released on December 15th. 
According to Ryan Forster´s own words "Demos with productions like this were the norm backin the old analog tape trading days and somehow the "evil" wasexpressed better with this type of recording. Something happens with a sound that is too cleaned u. All the darkness is wiped away"

The cover artwork was created by Calvarian Design, based on "the desolator" image from the original Extermination Mass cover.

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