3 April 2018

DEATHWARDS To release debut Demo "Towards Death"

Invictus Productions will release DEATHWARDS debut demo "Towards Death" on june 8th on cassette.

DEATHWARDS (Chile) was formed in 2017, influenced by bands like Slayer (80s Slayer) Slaughter Lord, early Pestilence (Van Drunen-era) and Voivod (yesssss...early Voivod), but adding a more technical aspect ala Sindrome, Sadus and Obliveon. 

So you know what you´ll find on this 5 tracks demo (including cover of Infernal Majesty´s "Overlord"), Old School/retro/vintage metal. 
The opening track "Epitaph From The Underworld" gives you a glimpse of the raw and furious sound of the demo, and serves to show the foundations of the band, as Deathwards are working on new material for their debut album, to be released soon by Invictus.

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