14 December 2017

EXPULSER "Fornications" 12" EP reissue.

This is a cool reissue from Greyhaze Records, may not be a true gem but it is a very good and interesting record to unearth, dust it of  and give it a good listen.

EXPULSER was another "wild" band from the brazilian underground, the EP "Fornications" was originally released in 1990 as a split EP with Brutal Distortion, through the french label Maggot Records
Two years later the band released their debut full-length "The Unholy One" through Cogumelo Records, which is a more technical recording yet fast, brutal and totally blaspheme.
So if you are into the style and sound of bands like Sarcófago, SexThrash, Mystifier and other cult brazilian acts you should check this band out.

"Fornications" is available on 12" vinyl! get it right now, right here.


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