10 April 2017

KROSSFYRE "Fire Solution" Advance Track

Spanish Black/Death metallers KROSSFYRE unleashed the first track “Fire Solution”, taken from the upcoming debut EP “Burning Toreches“ to be released soon via Hells Headbangers Records.

KROSSFYRE was formed last year and includes members of bands such as Sheidim, Spain's GraveyardKörgull the ExterminatorInsultersMorbid Flesh, and Suspiral.

Regarding influences and the style of the band the official press release makes reference to ”…Nifelheim and Vomitor, but also early Tribulation, later Desaster, Gospel of the Horns, Bestial Mockery, and Nocturnal Graves among others.” The press release also includes the following statement from the band:

"Playing blackened heavy/thrash evil music, Hells Headbangers was our very first choice for obvious reasons. It is the home of Hobbs' Angel of DeathVomitor, and Blood Feast just to name a few of an endless list. No other label can presume to have such a strong, high profile and respected roster, especially these days where labels need to adapt to new trends or disappear. We put all our energy and effort into Burning Torches, and we're sure that Hells Headbangers will know how to push it the way it deserves!"

Check this band out and bang your head with the powerful “The Fire Solution”. Pre-order for LP and CD version will be launched next month.

Krossfyre (intro)
Fire Solution
Burning Torches
Tabellae Defixionum
Black Jaws of Evil
The Great Masturbator

A.K. - vocals (Sheidim)
C.S. - guitars (Sheidim, Graveyard)
J.B. - guitars (Graveyard, Körgull the Exterminator)
A.T. - bass (Sheidim, Suspiral)
J.G. - drums (Graveyard, Morbid Flesh, Insulters)

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