12 October 2016

SACRIFICIO "Guerra Eterna"

Spanish Black metallers SACRIFICIO will release the debut album “Guerra Eterna” on December 9th via Iron Bonehead Productions and Nuclear War Now! Productions. The Band release their self-titled demo 2014, which was also jointly released as a mini album by Iron Bonehead and Nuclear War Now! 

According to the official press release the trio raised the banner of black metal's first generation and reinvigorated its standards with "Sacrificio". But now, with "Guerra Eterna", these true warriors of the occult have eclipsed that feat by creating a humid mass if idiosyncratic, eldritch energy: a doundfield/headspace fully unified, a statement of steely, blood-drenched intent"

Listen to the album´s title track…

Sombras en la ciénaga 
Razas del sepulcro 
La marca del hereje
Depositio haereticorum
Ritos funerarios
Vástagos de la abominación
Centinela de los túmulos
Guerra eterna

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