25 July 2016

AKATHARTA "Pneumata" Promo Track

Funeral Doom band AKATHARTA have just signed with Pulverised Records. The band features legendary and influential vocalist Kam Lee

To describe the essence of AKATHARTA, Kam Lee issued an official statement: "I originally conceived the idea and concept of this band back in 1999, it was back then that I called the band Urizen but later changed the name to AKATHARTA as I felt it was a better fit. Yes... I've been carrying that name with me this long. So in different times throughout my career, I've attempted several different times to bring this band back and always the concept and ideas of this band's themes being the paranormal and supernatural elements. I've gone through several different lineup changes over the years, always seeking to find the right musicians to bring this band to the surface but was never 100% satisfied with the outcome of the members. With this band, I refused to compromise my stand upon this band's concept and sound. Too many musicians that play doom want to incorporate Black Sabbath type of riffs or play a particular tempo that removes that Funeral Doom element of pure sludge and atmospheric dread. I refused to bend. For years I would attempt to resurrect the band with new members but only to quickly end it, either because of the member's refusal to play the proper way or by them attempting to interject ideas I felt were completely counterproductive of the band's intended direction. So this band has always been an idea and a part of me for years but never was I able to find a way to bring it to complete fruition... until now. Finally in 2014, I started talking to Aaron Whitsell of the band Cropsy Maniac and not only did he understand the concept of what I envisioned AKATHARTA to be; he was very familiar with the Funeral Doom genre and that I myself am a huge fan of, especially the Finnish Funeral Doom bands. He quickly began to write full tracks with a very unique and signature style that I felt not only was a perfect capturing of the Funeral Doom genre but was in itself its own unique and individual style that sounded unlike anything else. Together we discussed the overall atmosphere and feelings of dread and utter downtrodden despair that we wanted to capture as well the supernatural and unearthly elements of paranormal tones and feelings. So for me AKATHARTA is a dream (nightmare) finally come true. For me, it's been years in the making... and I finally feel it's long overdue and perfect time to bring this band to the surface. I feel it's the right direction to go into as well... it's a long dreadful downward spiral into the everlasting darkness and dreadful bleakness that which is Doom."

AKATHARTA is: Kam Lee - Sonorous serenades of sorrow, lecherous Lurch groans and moans, & grotesque growls of ghostly hauntings.
Aaron Whitsell - Dreadful agonizing riffs of mournful tormented agony & ectoplasmic resonance of oozing slime. Plus - Dire rumblings of churning chaotic doom & seance conjurings of spectral entities.
Travis Ruvo - Coffin bashings of nocturnal grave smashing & skeletal bone cracking of necrophagous dread.

Check out the promo track "Pneumata".

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