25 September 2015

MORBID SAINT "Destruction System" Vinyl Release

Greek metal label Weird Face Productions will release on vinyl for the first time, 1992 unreleased album of MORBID SAINT "Destruction System", while Nuclear War Now will be the exclusive distributor of this official release. According to the band "Destruction System is an unfinished rough copy that we took with us when we left the studio the last time. There was no final mix, or mastering done, it was just a cassette copy off the board for us to listen to until we finished it, which never happened…"
The Scheduled release date is 1-11-2015. Below is the track list and [very] detailed release info...

Intro instrumental

Destruction System
Darkness Unseen
Depth of Sanity
Disciples of Discipline
Spectrum of Death II instrumental
Halls of Terror
Living Misery
Sign of the Times
Final Exit
Outro instrumental

Black Vinyl [Limited to 440 Handnumbered Copies]
Clear Vinyl [Limited to 220 Handnumbered Copies]
Picture Disc [Limited to 220 Handnumbered Copies]
Radioactive Boxset [Limited to 120 Handnumbered Copies]

-The Boxset Consits of:
*Glowing in the dark record, the glow pigment is called "Luminux Effect Red" [in the daylight it has a yellow colour while its dark colour effect is supposed to be Red]
*Screenprinted Leather Box
*Regular Poster
*Glowing in the dark dust screenprinted Poster
*Additional Gatefold Jacket with
 Unreleased photos/flyers from Destruction System era [several parts on the front side of the jacket will be screenprinted with glowing in the dark dust]
*Woven Patch
*Silkscreen printed tank top or regular shirt

"Destruction System" CD'S are due to be out by KIll Yoursefl Prods within October.

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