17 August 2015


VENEFIXION will release their demo debut "Defixio" through Iron Bonehead Productions on early October. Here’s an excerpt from Iron Bonehead’s press release: "The project became reality in 2015 when both went back to Brittany, FRANCE. The band is meant to bring a pestilent Fury, like a venomous force coming straight in the skull with the intention of tormenting those who listen to their music.Merging forces in their homeland, the members agreed to bring elements from acts like REPUGNANT, AUTOPSY, GROTESQUE, REPULSION, MORBID ANGEL or MASSACRE to their Metal of Death topped with frenetic AZAGTHOTH-ian or VOMITOR-ian solos". 
La Secte Rouge
Morbid Casket
Aghori, Ashes Of The Dead

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