20 December 2013

News, News, News!!!

Slovenian Black Metallers BLEEDING FIST are working on the upcoming full lenght with new guitarrist Jex, who replaces Angelus and Occultus. 7 tracks are already recorded for the new album to be released next year through Moribund Records.  In other Bleeding Fist news, Moribund will release on March 4th a compilation entitled "Death´s Old Stench - The Deathcult Sessions" which will feature unreleased song from 2011-2013. More info here:http://www.bleeding-fist.com/ and https://www.facebook.com/chaosblackmetal Chaos Black Metal!!!

"Ravenous Bloodlust" is the title of the new EP of swedish band DRACENA. The MCD will be released on January 30th.  More info at: 

"Altars/Tunnels" is the title of the great debut Demo of Blackened Doom Metal Band UPYR from Sofia, Bulgaria. This self-released 3 songs CD is also available on tape (4 songs) released by Serpent Eve Records, and digital download via UPYR bandcam page. Highly recommended Black Doom!!!

A new 7" EP featuring ENTRAILS and Spanish GRAVEYARD will be released via War Anthem Records. "Unleashed Wrath/Silent Whispers of the Graveless" will be availabe en January 2014.

Italian Death metallers The Beyond have released their self-produced debut EP "Decaying Death". A good piece of brutal death metal assault with an Old School taste! Check them out at their bandcamp page...http://thebeyonddeathmetal.bandcamp.com/

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