7 December 2020

THRONEHAMMER "A Fading King" New Track/Lyric Video

Like a giant warrior who stomps the earth and makes it tremble, this is how THRONEHAMMER presents his new song "A Faded King" taken from their upcoming second album "Incantation Rites".

Like on their debut LP, they attack with heavy, dark  and epic doom metal, the crushing guitars and Kat´s brilliant vocals shine (through the dark) but it seems that the band conquered new horizons on this record. Here is an excerpt from their FB page with some words about the album...

"Incantation Rites" is ultimately a new, completely unanticipated direction for Thronehammer and a very welcome one at that bringing in some new influences whilst retaining some of the factors that saw the debut album "Usurper Of The Oaken Throne" receive such a great response from both fans and media alike.

"Incantation Rites" takes you on a journey into mystery through vast sonic soundscapes which takes many twists and turns tempo wise, from the slowest moving doom metal to uptempo epic extremity.

"Incantation Rites" will be out on 23/04/2021 through Supreme Chaos Records/Usurper Records on double Lp, digipack, tape and wooden boxset.

As if we don't have enough reasons to wish that 2020 ends and 2021 arrives, here's a good compelling reason.

Preorder available here

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