31 May 2017

WORSHIP VINYL: MÖRBIT (Morbid) METALION: 50 Years of Fucking Off Life"

Last week F.O.A.D. Records released a limited and very special LP (due to the quality and meaning) to celebrate the 50 year birthday of Jon “Metalion” Kristiansen (hails!!).  “MÖRBIT (Morbid) METALION: 50 Years of Fucking Off Life" ... special indeed! 

And Here´s the label description to give you more in detail about this special (did I say special again?!) record..."In 2011 the Swedish Black Metal Cult MORBID released the gigantic sampler "YEAR OF THE GOAT". To celebrate that a very special band was put together in order to perform some MORBID classics live for a selected audience. The band went under the name MÖRBIT and consisted of legendary musicians of the Swedish Extreme Metal scene.  Erik of WATAIN on vocals, Tyrant of NIFELHEIM on bass, David of DISMEMBER on guitar, Erik of MERCILESS on guitar and Stjäfnvind on drums (ENTOMBED, MERCILESS etc.). The night before the actual cncert the band had a final rehearsal at the WATAIN´s "wolf lair" which also was the funeral for Metalion´s SLAYER MAGAZINE. Now a few years later METALION turns 50 and in order to celebrate this unholy event it was decided between all members and of courese MORBID & METALION  to release a really rare recording of the final reherarsal before the gig the day after. With the help of Erik of WATAIN and F.O.A.D Records this was made possible!"

The ultra die hard Metalion birthday edition limited to 50 copies on clear red vinyl with extra poster and the splatter red/black vinyl limited to 100 copies are sold out, there is (was?) a black vinyl version limited to 320 copies still available but I guess may be too late.  It´s worth to try directly from F.O.A.D. Records or perhaps somewhere else to find this rare gem...good luck! 

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