12 May 2017

MEDIEVAL DEMON "Medieval Necromancy"

The Greek metal scene seems to keep their tradition of having obscure bands loyal to the roots. But MEDIEVAL DEMON isn´t a new band at all, as they were formed in 1993 and after several demos the band launched the debut full-length “Demonolatria” in 1998.

Now the band will release the second full-length titled “Medieval Necromancy” through Hells Headbangers.
The preview title track is a fast song, dark, atmospheric and quite primitive. Yet it has slow parts with great melodic guitars and the vocals and keyboards creates a good and enchanting atmosphere.

Drummer/keyboardist Lord Apollyon says “Medieval Necromancy is a creation from the '90s: old-school, Necromantic Spiritual Black Metal from the Abyss."
I´m really longing to hear the whole album, it seems to be much better that their debut, though no release date has been revealed yet. 

Chthonic Curses
Spells Of The Akkadian Priests
Invisible Black Magic Ritual
Les Litanies De Satan
Moldy Winds Of Death
Ancient Evil In The Woods
Blackmoon Sacrifice
Into The Caves Of Blood
Medieval Necromancy
The Great He Goat

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