30 May 2017


Listenable Records reissue MALEVOLENT CREATION´s first three albums. “The Ten Commandments” (1991), "Retribution" (1992) and “Unborn" (1993) comes in different colors, and also the good old classic black vinyl if you are among those who run away from “exotic” colors (like me).

Good quality and very alike to the first press, so if you don´t want to spend stupid prices for an original first press on ebay or somewhere else now you have a good chance.

I don´t know if the band support this reissues, at least they are not involved as I saw a post of Phil Fasciana surprised and complaining about no one informing the band about this, though they are “100% official” releases…it´s up to you…www.shop-listenable.net

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