2 May 2017


CULT OF EIBON brings new blood, but with the legacy of the ancient blood of the glorious Hellenic scene. Lycan Twilight Sorcery is the band´s second release and its dreadful sound bursts into the stillness like a howling...of a werewolf. Here is an interview with Nyogtha (guitars/bass/vocals/synths). Join the wolf blood communion…

When you start a project or a band it´s always an exciting personal moment, so I would like to know how was the very beginning and what was the motivation for you to form Cult of Eibon? 
It's always exciting to start something new in music.  We can't have the same excitement like when we were on our 20's but still the adrenaline's pumping and that's our main goal. To feel alive through our music. Our motivation is the same for everything when it comes to music, to create something meaningful that fills us spiritual and give us strength to move on. We formed Cult of Eibon from our need for this genre, we got into black metal with the Greek bands of the 90's so it was something vital and it happened naturally. (The original idea came up back in 2000 as Y'XA-NULEI but I was too busy with m other bands back then and the project went on hiatus until 2015)
What inspired you to choose that name?
We consider this music (and genre) as a cult. Beside that the main concept in the early 90's for the Greek bands was Lovecraft and the occult so we combined these 2 things and came up with the Cult of Eibon name.
Lycan Twilight Sorcery is your second and recently released EP, can you tell us something about the writing process? Were you aware of the high expectation around this new record since the label´s announcement and the good acclamation that the advance track “The Dweller Of The Woods” provoked?
The whole composition period took me about 3 months somewhere in 2016. I gave emphasis on the songwriting and the riffs this time rather the atmosphere as I did in the Fullmoon Invocation ep and I think the outcome is great. The feedback was great from the very beginning that we released the Fullmoon Invocation ep but to be honest we didn't expect that kind of response from the fans and we're grateful about that. Of course to be a part of iron bonehead's roster helped a lot the band no doubt about that. Glad that dweller of the woods had such a good acclamation I really love this track.
What´s the current line-up? as there has been some changes since the first release.
The current line-up is: Me (Nyogtha) - guitars/bass/vocals/synths, Porphyrion - chants/invocations and Xa'ligha-drums. Yes we had some line-up changes Yorith (vocals, lead guitars) and Crimson Moon (bass) parted ways (if you can say that because we are close friends) with the band and Porphyrion joined us.
In terms of evolution of your music, how do you see the new material (sound, structures) compared to the debut recording?
There's an obvious evolution I think both music and production wise. The first ep was the primordial worship we were still constructing and searching the whole style of Cult of Eibon. The new release is superior from every aspect (production, structure, lyrics, compositions, etc.)  We love both of these releases for different reasons.
Who made the artwork, like the tape version of your debut EP features a werewolf in its entire splendor. Are you going to make this a kind of tradition?
The artwork for the new mini album was made by Panos Sounas that made art in the past for bands such as Necromantia, Tatir, Shadowcaster and many more. The original Fullmoon invocation ep had no artwork (I really liked it like that to be honest) but for the re-releases of our first ep nocturnal call of the moon (member of Ithaqua, Caedes Cruenta, Disharmony, etc.) made the additional artwork with the werewolf which we really like it. No we will not make it some kind of tradition we have other topics also as a band but me and Porphrion really love the concept of therianthropy so it's all over the new release.
One of my fave tracks is “Wolf Blood Communion”, would you say that it is the most representative songs of the band considering lyrics and music?
I will totally agree. It's my favorite track from Lycan Twilight Sorcery. Music, lyrics the feeling everything on this track is so powerful I really love it.
Tell us now about the logo, which is full of symbolism...
The logo was crafted by the hands of nocturnal call of the moon (Ithaqua, Caedes Cruenta, etc.) that did also the art for the re-release of the Fullmoon Invocation EP. He is devoted to the obscure arts and the abyssic black cult of the 90's and that reflects through his art. He is a good friend and musician we thank and him for the amazing logo. As for the symbolisms is a combination of the occult and therianthropy.
What do you find most appealing about lycanthropy? Where does the interest and inspiration come from this topic, literature, movies...?
I adore the nature of the beast that can't be controlled by no man or animal just following it's primal instinct no matter what. The interest/inspiration comes from the myths and legends of this topic but also from literature and movies. It's a combination of all that.
Apart from lycanthropy, in which other topics is the band interested? Is there any kind of philosophy on which the band's essence is based?
Apart from lycanthropy our main topic is Lovecraft and Cthulhu mythos and the occult of course that Porphyrion is deeply into. Our philosophy is and will be always the dark side.
Your sound and style seems heavily influenced by the early works of Varathron and Rotting Christ, but also elements of old thrash metal and old school heavy metal, what bands would you name as your main influence?
Obviously our main influences are (OLD) Rotting Christ/Varathron/Thou Art Lord/Necromantia (to some extent) /Agatus, etc. The thrash metal and old school heavy metal influences are also there because you can find these influences also to the bands I mentioned above BUT thrash and heavy metal are also a part of our lives. We're grew up with old school music, it's something vital for us no other way to do it, so it's natural that you will find these elements on Cult of Eibon's music.
How important and significant are for you those bands and the early records that the Greek metal scene launched back in those “glorious days”?
It's vital. It's a way of life a whole period of significant glory, at least for us. We learned it like that, we play it as it was back then, there's no other option morally and musical to do otherwise to be honest. Our whole youth is connected with all that, that fucking glorious era. (and not only now that it's a kind of trend to revive that sound, we are into this since we were teens)
If you had the chance to take part in the  recording in one of the following records, which one would you chose…”Thy Mighty Contract”, “His Majesty At The Swamp” or “Crossing The Fiery Path”
Damn…What you're asking me right now...It's like choosing to get stabbed or to go in prison...How can I choose between these 3 milestones? I would say Thy Mighty Contract (with hesitation) for personal reasons and the urban legends that follow this album…
I´m curious to know your point of view regarding the current Greek scene, any bands out there that you feel a particular affinity with?
We don't have many connections with the Greek scene and that's something that won't change and it has been like that at least for 18 to 19 years. We don't want to do public relations and cope with all that shit that comes along. We don't care about being famous or popular we're family guys that still making what they loved since their early years as teens. We're active into the scene as individuals from 96' so we know a lot of people but keep touch with a handful of few, only the ones that worth it. Some of them are: Wargrinder, Ithaqua/Caedes Cruenta, Lykaionas, Wargoat, Unholy Archangel, Drutentus/Goathrone, Goat Synagogue and some other individuals from the scene.
What´s the strangest place and the most shocking place you have been?
Hmm…That's a tough one. There are many strange and mythical places I have visited here in Greece and I'm having difficulties to top that (even that I have travelled to many countries abroad and saw many remarkable things) Nothing more glorious and obscure that the land of the ancients. And that reflects on the Greek metal scene (those of the 90's mostly) As for the most shocking place I've been I'll keep it for myself because it comes along with a very private and apocalyptic incident.
What can we expect from CULT OF EIBON the current year? What are the band´s future plans? 
I don't know if we will release something else this year. We released a 33 minutes of material with the new mini LP and we don't want to be another band in line. We will release material when we can and feel of course no rush for nothing. I have in mind roughly an idea for a 7'' for next year or earlier but we'll see nothing sure yet.
Thanks you for, last words are yours...
Thanks for the interview and your support to cult of eibon much appreciated. For the ones interested they can check out our new mini album “Lycan Twilight Sorcery” released on April the 28th via IRON BONEHEAD PRODUCTIONS
Abysmal Blessings

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