8 May 2017

ABHORER / DELETED "Aseance Profanus Duoblation" 7" EP

Blasphemous Art Productions have just released “Aseance Profanus Duoblation” split 7” EP featuring ABHORER and DELETED.

"ABHORER Side contains the Legendary long out of print two-song EP “Upheaval of Blasphemy”, originally recorded and out in 1994. An historical bestial piece of Blasphemous Southeast Asian Attack! Finally out again on 7'' EP, under official license from ABHORER.

DELETED Side contains two bestial songs of Borneo Black Death Hell, in the most brutal Malaysian tradition! 
Deleted are one of the most violent bands that have ever existed in Malaysia. Pure uncompromising, barbaric violence: High-speed bestial Satanic Metal Attack!!!"

The EP comes in 280g Jacket With Matt Machine Varnish, 42g Black Vinyl, Insert On 140g Art Paper. 150gm Poster On Art Paper, Limited To 333 Copies. Artwork by Jenglot Hitam.

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