14 October 2019


MEFISTO´s upcoming album "Octagram" is one of the LPs of this year that I look forward to. The band released a few weeks ago the first single "Armageddon", now it´s time for the "Roots Ov Thy Soul".
Excellent track, starting  with a calm dark intro of clean guitars, to become a furious death-thrash storm.
Luckily, there is not much left for november to get my hands on "Octagram"

BLOOD INCANTATION release "Inner Paths (To Outher Space)" video and single. Taken from the bands second full-lenght "Hidden History Of The Human Race". This psychedelic track featurs guest "vocals" by Antti Boman from Demilich (in fact you can hear his performance on the sole grow at the end of the track).
The album will by released by Dark Descent Records in November 22nd. Pre-order available here and here (Europe).

New album by canadian thrashers ANNIHILATOR. Their 17th full-lenght "Ballistic, Sadistic" is due to be released on January 24th 2020. 
The band premiered the official lyric video for the track "I Am Warfare"...

TRAJETO DE CABRA from canada will release the debut album via Iron Bonehead Productions next December 13th.  "Supreme Command Of Satanic Will" is the title of the album containing 7 tracks of sataninc Black-death metal, proud of the (in)famous Ross Bay Cult,  featuring members of Necroholocaust. Listen to the first advance track "Cursed Graves Of The Unanointed". Worship...

"Vile Necrotic Rites" is the title of the upcoming NILE album, and also the lyric video for the track with same name, premiered by the band a few days ago. The album will be out on November 1st via Nuclear Blast.


Here´s another "nice" lyric video for a new song by DIE KUNST DER FISTERNIS, "Exhumation" is the second song revealed from the band´s upcoming album "Revenant In A Phantom World (Queen Of Owls Addendum)" comming out through Lamech Records and Amor Fati Productions on October 31st.  Enjoy... 

"Condemmned" is the second single taken from ANGEL WITCH´s new album "Angel Of Light". Another great track perfomed in the classic NWOBHM style of this cult band! 

10 October 2019

HAVOHEJ To release "Table Of Uncreation" LP reveal new track

HAVOHEJ return with the third full-lenght album "Table of uncreation". The album will be released through Hell´s Headbangers records in November 15th on vinyl, CD and cassette.

Besides Profanatica´s new album, Paul Ledney releases another piece of blasphemic art. The following extraxt from the promo info describes a part of the escence of the new album..."Exploring the seemingly wide divide between space and suffocation here does Ledney draw the two together into a mesmerizing, monged-out subversion of black metal into simply BLACK. Traces of the entire Havohej aesthetics are well represented here on the Table Of Uncreation, and then spliced `n´ diced into juddering panoramas of primitive sonic filth".

But if words are not enough for you, hear the new track "Seven Jinn".
Preorder available here.

God of All Constellation
Holy Blood, Holy Grail
The Black King
Seven Jinn
Impossible Force
Table Of Uncreation
All Time Is Now
Before Them And Behind Them

4 October 2019

NUCLEAR DEATH "Bride Of Insect" Music Video

What a morbid pleasure to find this! The official music video of NUCLEAR DEATH´s "Bride Of Insect" made by Coffin Nail Productions.

The title track of the debut album by the gods of grind-death is an authentic jewel (the whole album is pure cult) of the late 80s/eary 90s. A band with it´s own style and sound, exponents of a morbid and violent chaos. The past is alive. Hail NUCLEAR DEATH!. 


3 October 2019


Peaceville Records will reissue one of the best Demos released in the early 90s. "Jhva Elohim Meth" released by KATATONIA in 1992 was iconic among the black metal milieu, but beyond being "just" black metal, the three tracks (+ intro and outro) expressed a dark-cold and atmospheric blend of death, doom and black metal, despite the "evil" image used by the band back then.

This reissue is presented on a limited 12" blue vinyl with original cover artwork and lyrics.

Release date: 15th November 2019. Pre-order available here.

2 October 2019

TEITANBLOOD "The Baneful Choir" LP

TEITANBLOOD revealed album cover, tracklisting and pre-order info for the upcoming album "The Baneful Choir".

Out on October 18th via Norma Evangelium Diaboli.  Pre-order available through NED here and through TEITANBLOOD´s bandcamb here.

Rapture Below
Black Vertebrae
Leprous Fire
Ungodly Others
Inhuman Utterings
...Of The Mad Men
The Baneful Choir
Sunken Stars
Veredict Of The Dead
Charnel Above

SARTEGOS to release debut album "O Sangue Da Noite"

November 29th is the release date for "O Sange Da Noite", the debut full lenght of SARTEGOS.

This Galician one man project, helmed by Rou, began in 2008 and released a couple of demos in 2010 ("A Serpe Do Escarnio") and 2011 ("Mortualha"). Then the great EP "As Fontes Do Negrume" in 2013 and a couple of split EPs recently.

Now with the first track revealed, "Sangue e Noite" (meaning Blood and Night), SARTEGO´s music shows an impressive mix of obscure-heavy riffs and a macabre-dense atmosphere, leading you to vast dark realms.

The album will be released on vinyl and cassette by Blood Harvest, while I Voidhanger will handle the CD edition. Pre-order info here.
Drink the blood of the night...

1 October 2019

ARTILLERY To Release "In The Trash" & "Deadly Relics"

Denmark´s legendary thrashers ARTILLERY will re-visit the early days releasing two albums with demo and unreleased material via Mighty Music.
Both editions includes remastered sound, rare pictures, liner notes exclusive interviews with founding member Michael Stützer and revamped artwork by Roberto Toderico Art.

"In The Trash" features the band´s first demo "We Are The Dead" from 1982 and the unreleasd demo "In The Thrash" from 1986.
The red vinyl edition looks magnificent.

The "Deadly Relics" compilation was originally released in 1998 and features the demos "Shellshock" and "Deeds Of Darkness", both from 1984 and also the 1989 single "Khomaniac/Don´t Believe", and it looks great on its grey vinyl version.

Both albums will be available on December 6th 2019 in CD, (mandatory) colored vinyl and exclusive bundles. Pre-orders available here

Cult Old-School Thrash Metal!!!


27 September 2019


MAYHEM have just released a lyric video for "Of Worms And Ruins" a brand new track from the upcoming album "Daemon". It is the second track revealed from the album, grandiose and fast that in a few  seconds will probably remind you to DMDS, thanks to the distinctive voice of Attila Csihar...

Chicago´s old-school metallers CIANIDE will return with a new attack of Dark Death-Doom Metal.
The band have just premiered a new video for "The Serpents Wake".  The track appears on the band´s upcoming MLP "Unhumanized".
It will be available as Vinyl/CD/Tape and casssette on November via Hells Headbangers

ABBATH have just released a new video for the song "Hecate",  I´m not a fan of ABBATH´s music, but I must admit that I like this song, taken from the album "Outsider", which seems that many people like it. 

Portugal´s IRONSWORD will release a new EP entitled "In The Coils Of Set" through Alma Mater Records on October 28th.
The baand have just premiered the lyric video for one of the three tracks included in the EP, specifically the title track.  Horns Up!!! 

"Unfathomable Depths" is the title of the debur full lenght of Chile´s CONCATENATUS. The album was releaed last September 20th through Totenmusik and Van Records limited on 300 copies on vinyl and CD. The band premiered the video for the fist single "Liberum Essentia"...


The third full-lenght of VACIVUS entitled "Annihilism" will be released via Profound Lore nex October 25th.
The first single "Shards" was revealed a month ago (check it out here) The band has now shared a second song, the album´s title track...

DIE KUNST DER FINSTERNIS is an an obscure and tenebrous solo project of Kaeffel (founder of Hetroertzen) formed in 2007. After a demo and two full-lenghts the band will release the third album "Revenant In A Phantom World (Queen Of Owls Addendum)" through Lamech Records and Amor Fati Productions on October 31st.  We can enjoy a very cool video for the track "Madame Tuberculosis". A true dark gem...


20 September 2019

PENTACLE "Spectre Of The Eight Ropes" new LP

Ancient Death Metal returns! A brand new and long awaited studio album from PENTACLE will be released soon (probably late this month) via Iron Pegasus Records. Pre-orders for "Spectre Of The Eight Ropes" already available here. Artwork by Manuel Tinnemans.

16 September 2019


In 1991 BEHERIT recorded and released the demo "Down There..." under the moniker of THE LORD DIABOLUS, due to some problems the band were having with Turbo Music back then.

Now Dark Descent Records and The Sinister Flame presents the official first-time vinyl reissue of this classic demo.

The release contains four tracks and comes as heavy weight 180gm 12" with an etched B-side featuring the iconic Baphomet Sigil.
Pre-orders available through The Sinister Flame (Europe) here, and through Dark Descent Records here. Release date: October 31. 

13 September 2019

UNDEAD To Release Debut Album - Launches Video Clip

After releasing two great EPs Spanish Death Metallers UNDEAD will unleash the debut album "Existencial Horror".

The album will be released as CD version via Godz Ov War Productions on late October.

Check Out the video for the opening and killer track "Haunted By Hate"...

Exitential Horror track-listing:
Haunted By Hate
Masters Of Mankind
Sin & Death
Saanta Muerte
City Of Silence
Existential Horror
Curse Of The Undead
Beyond Divine Regulation

MEFISTO Unleash new single "Armageddon"

MEFISTO revealed today the first single "Armageddon" taken from their upcoming album, which will be released later this fall.

The song features Chaq Mol of Dark Funeral on solo guitar.
You can stream the track on digital platform here.

Follow the band online and stay tuned for more news. Hail Mefisto!!!

11 September 2019

TRIBULATION "Alive & Dead At Södra Teatern" new live album/DVD

TRIBULATION reveals details for live album/dvd.

"Alive & Dead At Södra Teatern" is TRIBULATION´s first live album, recorded at Stockholm´s Södra Teaternmain hall.  Regarding the the setlist, performed in two acts, the band comments: "We played "Down Below" from start til finish in the first act with a stage set up we've never used before, something that could hint at a future development. Time will tell. The second act was the more traditional act with the old stage design and an array of old songs"

Alive & Dead At Södra Teatern will be released on the following dates:
-November 15th (digital) via Metal Blade Records (North America)
-November 15th (all formats) via Century Media Records (Europe)
-November 29th (2CD+DVD, LP+DVD) via Metal Blade Records (North America)

Alive & Dead At Södra Teatern track-listing:
The Lament
Lady Death
Cries From the Underworld
The World
Here Be Dragons
Trollens Brudmarsch
The Motherhood of God
Ultra Silvam
Guitar Solo
Strange Gateways Beckon
Strains of Horror

CIRITH UNGOL "I'm Alive" live album/DVD

CIRITH UNGOL will release their new live album/DVD, "I'm Alive", via Metal Blade Records On October 25th.

Recorded at the Up the Hammers festival in Athens, Greece, "this recording showcases the magic and might of the band onstage. It's accompanied by additional performances recorded at the Hammer of Doom (2017) and Rock Hard Festivals (2018) in Germany. For this monumental release, a special in-depth documentary spanning 2 hours in length was recorded, which includes exclusive interviews about the history and legacy of the band, as told by the current and original members".

"I´m Alive" can be preordered here in different formats.
The band launched new video for the title track, check it out below... 

9 September 2019


GRAVEYARD from Spain premiered the video clip for the track "Winds Like Daggers", taken from the band´s 4th abum "Hold Back The Dawn".
A fast track, heavy, with a dense and dark atmosphere. Superb Death Metal!
The album will be out on September 20th via War Anthem Records.

Black Thrashers URN will release the new album "Iron Will Of Power" through Season of Mist.  "Hunted" is the official music video taken from the album.
Raw and wild as usual from this old school maniacs. The album will be available on September 20th. Order here.

A new album by NILE is on the way. "Vile Nilotic Rites" is the title of the album, to be released on November 1st via Nuclear Blast. "Long Shadows Of Dread" is the opening track and also the first single,  
Heres the official lyric video, Enjoy!...

1349 premiered a third track from the new album "The Infernal Pathway". This time is te turn for "Striding The Chasm"...
Out on October 18th through Season Of Mist

Good news from DIKASTERION, the Belgian Black Metallers will release the debut 7" EP "Stevelot 1597/Rome 897", on september 9th through Amor Fati Productions. The band´s debut demo last year was a great surprise, I recommendo yout to check out the interview we did to konw more about them.  The band are streaming the EP in its entirety here. I hope it doesn´t take too long to see their debut full-lenght!

MGLA released "Age Of Excuse" last week through Northern Heritage. The band´s 4th full-lenght raised highly expectations due to praising of their previous album "Exercises In Futility", released in 2015. 
"Age Of Excuse" is solid, dynamic, sometimes epic Black Metal.
The album is available for full streamimg, check it out...