29 May 2017


U.S. Death Metallers FATHER BEFOULED will release a new album after five years since the release of the previous full-length. “Desolate Gods” will be released on June 23rd through Dark Descent Records.

“Desolate Gods picks up the torch, infusing their influences into a suffocating and mysterious album of serpentine riffing and lurching, cavernous doom. Compounding that is a maturity - a sound evolved from the heavy-handed Incantation worship of before - to a disdtinct sound all their own."

The band unveiled the title track at Decibel´s website, here"Desolate Gods" will be available on CD and digital formats.

Track Listing:
Exsurge Domine (Intro)
Offering Revulsion
Mortal Awakening
Exalted Offal
Ungodly Rest
Divine Parallels
Vestigial REmains Of...(Instrumental)
Desolate Gods

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