6 March 2014

ZEMIAL - New album on the Horizon!

Archon Vorskaath posted the following news regarding ZEMIAL "I have been in the studio composing new music, much of which is written for the next Zemial release tentatively titled "Lurking". Archon revealed more details about the work completed..."So far, I have completed the main frames, melodies and arrangements for 4 new titles, that will make up the largest part of the new album, which once again, promises to be diverse.
"Storms of November"
A prog. instrumental inspired as the title implies, by the storms of this past November.
"Echoes of distant Moons"
A short soundscape using an ARP synth, a bow and cymbal.
"Aeon" (ΑΙΩΝ)"
One of my most ambitious compositions thus far.
A friend, Luciano Voidhanger, approached me to compose a piece of music based on a Tarot card from the tradition of Aleister Crowley. The card that was drawn for me - fittingly - was Aeon, also known as Judgement.
As I have taken a very particular approach for this piece, I will make a separate entry with details explaining the conceptual and theoretical approach.
This was written earlier than the pieces above.
An old-style Zemial song of old 80's thrash/black metal, with an infectious grooving momentum."
After reading this I´m really looking forward to the successor of NYKTA, which is in my opinion the best album released in 2013!

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