13 March 2014


Following the magnificent debut demo released in MMXII. This dark and Old-school beast named DEATHCULT from Switzerland are about to release a new EP “Pleading For Death...Chocking on Life”. Read the interview with O. Ketzer and M. Goathammer and worship the DEATHCULT  

How would you describe the origins of DEATHCULT?

The band was started by me (Goathammer) in 2010. I've been listening to Death Metal since 1992 so it was a natural process that I would one day start Deathcult. After some initial songwriting and recordings I decided to look out for other members. Soon the lineup was completed with O. Ketzer-Vocals and guitar, P. Nekros-Guitar, D. Virgin Killer (RIP)- Bass and me M. Goathammer- Drums. Sadly last year our brother and bassist Virgin Killer past away. Faced with if and how we should continue O. Diabolus was eventually recruited to join Deathcult.

Please tell us how were the days since the foundation till the recording of your debut demo? How often did you met to rehearse?

We met as often as possible to rehearse. But as each brother is also involved in other bands and projects it is not always easy. It taken a some time and patience but we now have a result that all of us are content with.

Do you think that the band has matured since the recording of the demo until now? On which things would you say that the band improved?

Definitely. We have above all secured more of our own sound within the newer songs and we are more confident in a live setting. The songwriting process seems to come more naturally as well. It's a like a never ending process that we all enjoy as musicians and people.

The brand-new track “Endless Ravenous Void” sound absolutely stunning! By now your new MLP “Pleading for death-choking on life” is about to be released. Please tell our readers a bit more about what to expect!

Danke! The songs for the EP were actually written in 2010. After rehearsing them with the band, the songs obtained more of an individual character and dynamic. You can expect an intensive, darkened piece of Death Metal with a lot of atmosphere.

How did you get linked up with Me saco un ojo for the release of the MLP?

Ketzer had known Jesus for some time and asked him if he would be interested in collaborating with Deathcult for a release.

I really like the cover art used on Pleading and the one used on the demo, How did the band decide for this concepts? What do they express on each release?

Thank you! The graphical theme for PFDCOL is based around the lyrical content of the second song 'The drunkard in the sky', revolving around god's inglorious fall from power, having become introverted with self loathing and guilt. The demo imagery was chosen to compliment the more direct biblical themes within the lyrics.

Lyrically, what are the topics that inspires you most… death, religion, darkness?… is there any defined ideology behind the concept of Deathcult?
I mainly focus on religious topics within Deathcult, or aberrations thereof. I do not limit myself in that sense, it is more about deciding what feels right for the songs.
Which bands would you generally name as your main inspiration / influence?

There are a lot of bands but I don't think that it is necessary to name them. If you listen to our music you may hear some influences and you can feel the 80s and early 90s atmosphere regardless. That's all I wish to say about influences. But it's also important for us not to be a 90's Death Metal cover band or something like that, so we create our own sound with a 80s, 90s touch.
What are your current favourite releases and the classics that you usually listen to?
Lots of old and new stuff. Almost only classics and newcomer bands. I'm always looking for new bands.
Do you think that Death Metal scene is strong nowadays, specially with so many good bands with an “Old School” sound and attitude?

Yes. There are lot of good new bands around. Death Metal in general is returning to it's origins within the last 10 years. I would even say nowadays Death Metal is Death Metal again. The only difference to the early 90s Death Metal is that nowadays there are strong references to the occult and satanism and it generally has more of an early 90s Black Metal attitude. Bands are more focused with their own music and concept than trying to be the fastest, most extreme or technical band on the planet like in the 90s. It's more serious than in the past.

Speaking about Oldschool, do you listen to Celtic Frost, Coroner, Samael, Messiah…? why do you think that there were always good and obscure metal bands coming from a small country like Switzerland?
Oh yeah! All uf us are into the influence of all those bands! Hard to say why "Switzerland", I don't know. Switzerland is not a metal export country but we always had these good influential bands and also lot of shitty bands as well. Maybe that's the reason why bands like those you named where formed...
How have your live shows been so far? What can one expect from DEATHCULT live performances?

Most People were surprised when they saw Deathcult the first time because they never expected the energy and intensity they got from our live shows. We also respond accordingly when we see the crowds reaction to our music and stage performance. That is what you get when you visit a Deathcult concert, pure Death Metal.
Ketzer is also involved with Bölzer and Witchrist, how is the relationship between the bands?
Well we all stand close to Bölzer. All our bands including Deathcult and Bölzer are involved in a circle by name C.H.A.O.S.. We work closely together and help each other outin any way we can. But that is only including the the Swiss connection…I don't know the Witchrist members but I enjoy their music.

If I´m not wrong you plan to release your debut LP via Invictus productions soon, can you give some details about it, some song titles…?

All this is as of yet unofficial so we would rather not go into details at this stage.

What is the strangest place and the most shocking one that you have been?
That would definitely be inside my own head after drinking a bottle of whiskey...things get very strange and shocking for myself and everyone unfortunate enough to be around me!
What will be the next step for DEATHCULT?

At the moment we are writing songs for the full length, with the hope to begin recording this year. We also intend to play some shows, an appearance at this year's Hells Pleasure being our first confirmed date.
Thanks for your answer..any last words to end this interview?
Thank you for your time and great questions!


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