16 July 2018

WORSHIP VINYL: ANCIENT "Svartalvheim" Re-issue

Soulseller Records will re-issue the debut album by Norwegian black metallers ANCIENT.

"Svartalvheim" was originally released in 1994 through Listenable Records. Previously the band release the demo "Eerily Howling Winds", and the great 7" "Det Glemte Riket".  This was the first record that I heard from the band and it was really good. Coming from the then emerging norwegian black metal scene the band had ther own sound and certain touch of originality. 

So the debut full length raised great exptectations and I must say that the album didn´t dissapoint.  We all know the kind of music released on the following albums (if you dont´, dont waste your time) but Svartalvheim  was enshrouded in a grim and gloomy veil, a fresh and solid album with great tracks such as "Eerily Howlging Winds", "Call Of The Absu Deep" and "Det Glemte Riket", my personal faves.

So this is an interesting reissue by Soulseller, comes with alternative cover, available on black vinyl, gold vinyl and there is a picture disc version with outer sleeve. Click here for more info and pre-order. Release date: SEptember 3, 2018.

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