23 March 2018

NOCTURNUS AD Reveal demo track of upcoming album.

Awesome!, though I use to take the news about comebacks with certain skepticism. But listening to the new NOCTURNUS AD song it seems its going to be a good return. Here´s the new advance track of what it´s going to be the band´s debut album (under the name NOCTURNUS AD).

The band reveals that the music on the album will continue where "The Key" left of 28 years ago! Listening to "Aeon Of The Ancient Ones" (in a demo version, 1 of 4 songs that continue with "The Key" story) you can clearly perceive the vibe and influence of that masterpiece.

"The Lake of Fire/Standing in blood trilogy will be completed with a new track called "Seixing The Throne", and the Neolithic story will be continued with Paleolithic. So with that info and the new track we can say it looks really promising.

Hope the band keeps advancing new material on a regular basis, in the meantime..enjoy. Cult!!!


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