26 March 2018


Fuck yeah, I love this band. I was anxiously waiting for the next stuff from the wild guys from FILII NIGRANTIUM INFERNALIUM.

"Hostia" is te title of the album, it will be released on may 25th, and it contains 11 tracks sung in portuguese (including the very cool and blasfemous intro "Prece"), and one track sung in english.

The album was  in  exclusive 66 hours streaming (until monday 12pm), and it shows the band´s full potential. FNI always played a blend of traditional, old school heavy metal and  black metal, the official info from Osmose says that "Hostia" marks a return to agressive and unpolished blasphemy, and so it sounds!

Special mention to the cover artwork by Paolo Girardi, probably my fave among the broad work of this artist, the desing is the most appropiate for the music, attitude and impious expression of this portuguese band. Foda-se a virgen, caralho! 

Presales open at Osmose Productions (here), available as black vinyl, white vinyl, jewelcase CD, digipack CD and tape. 

More info at:

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