12 March 2018


I follow this finnish band since the release of their second demo "Epiphany" from 2014. I was quite sure that it wont take long for them to sign with a good label to release an ep or full-lenght.  Fortunately my predictions were right and they released the powerful self-titled debut album through Invictus Productions last year.  I´m sure most of you had the pleasure to get haunted by OBSCURE BURIAL´s old fashioned, tenebrous and violent death metal.  If you didn´t yet, press play below and read the following interview answered by LK (Guitars/Vocals).  Darkness Spawns...

To start in a classic way, please tell us about the origins of the band, How did the band form, how did all the members met and how were the early rehearsals.
Projects, alcohol fumed nights, session work - that’s what forged us. Quite the ordinary one could say. First rehearsals emerged April 2012, and pawned way for clear target - what to become with the entity called OBSCURE BURIAL.
How did you come up with the band´s name? What´s your own vision of an Obscure Burial?
The name had been there for few years already before formation, and it was the one that standed out of all other new suggestions. Starless grave beyond, deity, Death fumes.
You are probably eager to talk about the debut album that you just recently released, how are your feelings now the album is out. What can you tell us about the recording process? How has the response been so far…
"Obscure Burial" was recorded live at studio that had mostly done hc punk previously. Knowing the engineer well before, we knew he understood the raw and aggressive sound that we were after. Response, deadly.
The artwork looks intriguing and mysterious, please tell us about the idea, the concept and the author.
MH (Lead guitars) crafted the basic idea for the cover. To put it shortly, emanation into Darkness. It was perfected by Jose Alegria Sabogal, one of the most talented artists there currently is in metal artworks. Precise biblical details are just divine on his works.

Several old demo tracks were included on the album, what can you tell about those songs, do the versions of the album sound the same or do they approximate the way you imagined them when you wrote them?
Those songs had lived life of their own, and we felt that they needed to be perfected better. By the time of the recording of the first demo, we really hadn’t put out all the details into them, as they’re now.
About your lyrics, is there an overall theme to the songs on the album, or do they each discuss different topics? Tell me about “Lucilia Silvarum” and “I Spoke to darkness”
There is no one theme on the album. Lucilia is about being born out of the lifeless corpse, thus growing into the black sea of swarms. I spoke is about stygian rites to become one with Lucifer.
Can you name an album in which the concept or the lyrics marked you, or that you thought were very important?
Authors and poets are more to inspire us as lyricists.
What´s the current line-up? Is there has been some changes since the first release?
In January 2016 we fired out bassist MF, and worked while with session bassist for gigs, until RA joined spring ‘16. No other changes has been made.
In terms of evolution of your music, will the new songs change from now on? Are you willing to try different things regarding sound and structures?
Progression in inevitable part of the writer, hence we aim to create different sounds and rhythms. We do not limit ourselves.
Tell us about your musical influences, what bands inspired you to form the band and to play this music? Is there any classic old school finish band among your influences? 
Of course the classic 80’s Death Metal classic albums and demos did inspire us a lot in beginning, and still does, but we move on different things to keep things fresh.
What´s your view about the current finish scene?
Nothing to mention. Dead. Buried.
Besides music, what kind of topics discuss and have interest as a band? i.e. about other forms of art, philosophy…
We all have big variety of interests, that is too vast topic to mention, and too personal.
Invictus productions distributed both of your demos and now released the LP, how is your relationship with them? If I´m not wrong the vinyl version of the album will come out in March, (actually it is out right now- Chris) will it include anything different from the cd version?
Great! Invictus is one of the best labels out there, Metal label to heart. Obsessed by Cruelty! No, both are same, no special treatment for either.
Tell us about your shows, with which band have you played so far, which band(s) impressed you the most? Do you have any weird anecdote to share?
We’ve played roughly 20-30 shows, and the list keeps growing. Nothing special to mention, as we’ve played with hc punks to black metal bands in many occasions. And crossed many great and violent personalities. Our shows are fast, ripping, aggressive as proper Death Metal is supposed to be.
Which bands / albums are you listening today?
Currently on rotation has been various Depeche Mode material, and new Morbid Angel “Kingdoms Disdained”.
What´s the strangest place and the most shocking place you have been? 
Well, there has been many dark and fucked up places but one worth to mention is the place where Necrophagous Ritual intro was field recorded. Empty gas ball storage, with most twisted natural echo.
What can we expect from OBSCURE BURIAL the current year? What are the band´s future plans? 
We’ll start slowly working second album, and just rip through more rapid shows.
Thanks you for, last words are yours…
Death’s Metal, Satan’s Metal, Death Metal.

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