17 August 2017

KAWIR "Exilasmos" LP

November 3rd is the international release date for the new KAWIR album. Entitled “Exilasmos” it will come out via Iron Bonehead Productions on vinyl, CD and tape, and the album is going to be awesome.

I venture to say that after listening to the first advance track “Agamemnon”. The song is simply brilliant! epic and melodic, alternating with violent speed and great furious/dramatic vocals, another gem of the Hellenic Black Metal!

Lyrically “the record is conceptually about the tragic dynasties of the house of Lavdakides (Oedipus Tyrannus) and the house of Atreus. Both dynasties nearly exterminated themselves, and all these violent and inhuman acts brought forth the wrath of Zeus and the curses were consequently laid upon the whole bloodline. "Exilasmos" in Ancient Hellenic Language means calming down the gods' wrath, so it perfectly describes the tragic events featured in the namesake album.

Thyestia Deipna

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