7 August 2017

ENSEPULCHER "No Sanctity In Death" Demo

ENSEPULCHER is a band from Fresno, California, formed by Adam Camara (Guitar/Bass/Vocals) and Johnny Valles (Drums).  "No Sanctity In Death" is their first demo tape released earlier this year throough Transylvanian Tapes and now released again by Blood Harvest Records.

Straight to the bones, raw oldschool (Swedish) death metal with some punkish influences, the longest track is the last track “Funeral Cessation” (02:21) but you get good  classic death metal riffing entwined with mid-tempo parts for you to headbang with pleasure.  Nothing new (who cares) but effective and enjoyable, so I´m Curious for their next release, that will be released by Blood Harvest!

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