11 August 2017

Calm Before The Storm...IRON PEGASUS Upcoming New Releases

Yeah it´s important enough to echo the stormwarnings given to us by Costa Stoios´ mighty Iron Pegasus Records, regarding new signings and their upcoming releases.

The first stormwarning was about the signing of VENOMWOLF, a one man “band” from Scotland. Duncan Mclaren is the man who records vocals, guitars, bass and drums; after a Digital EP and a demo he´s ready to unleash the debut album “Stormriding Power”. "Expect Black Metal in its most primordial style"!

The second stormwarning came to announce the signing of Germany´s MEGATHÉRION, the band was formed in 2013 and recently recorded a mini LP with 5 tracks which will be released this Autumn. MEGATHÉRION presents a mix of harsh 'n' heavy 80s Black Speed, but also traditional Metal and raw Punk energy.

And finally, the last stormwarning is about NECROMANIAC from London. The band released a demo tape entitled “Morbid Metal” in 2015, now will deliver their first Vinyl release, a 7“EP called “Subterranean Death Rising“, expected to be released in late Autumn. "Dark occult raging Black Death power" influenced by early Sepultura, Vomitor, Nocturnal Graves, Morbid, Nifelheim, Mortuary Drape, etc. 

Bring the storm now, master...to calm the hunger left!!!

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