4 March 2016

OCCULT BURIAL "Hideous Obscure" LP

Canada's OCCULT BURIAL will release the debut album "Hideous Obscure" on April 25th via Invictus Productions. The band released a trio of demos so far and was featured on the  "Evil Spells, Volume I" compilation alongside PossessionThroaat, Spite, Swamp and Bestiality. If you like pure and raw Old-School '80s and want a glimpse of what´s about to come, find below the track "A Witch Shall Be Born" from last year´s demo "Promo MMXV".

Hideous Obscure Tracklisting 
Blasted Death
Black Adoration
Jackal Head
Ancient Returns
A Witch Shall Be Born [Daughter Of Darkness]
Hades Son
Hideous Obscure
Occult Burial

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