9 March 2016

NECROSIC "Putrid Decimation" EP

Guitarrist Eric Cutler, founding and current member of the legendary Autopsy, present the debut record of his newest band, NECROSIC, a five-piece outfit that also incorporates Sean McGrath/vocals [Impaled], Erika Osterhout/bass [Scolex], Charlie Koryn/drums [Ascended Dead], and Christian LaRocca/guitar [Gravehill]. "Putrid Decimation" is the four-song debut EP, which will be released by Nuclear War Now! Productions on April 15th on 12" vinyl format. Advance track "My Casket Drains" and tracklist below.

Vomit Transmutation
Spawn of Radiation
Squirming in Your Guts
My Casket Drains

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