11 February 2016

DÉTENTE "Recognize No Authority" LP Reissue

Xtreem Music is reisssuing the LP version of the classic thrash metal piece "Recognize No Authority" by DÉTENTE. The label already re-released the CD version last year [more info here] now it´s time for the mighty vinyl!  Available as 2 LP gatefold [100 copies on red with black and grey splatters and 400 copies on black wax] 

LP 1 - Side A
Russian Roulette
It's Your Fate 

Holy Wars 
Shattered Illusions 
Life is Pain 
Blood I Bleed 

Side B
Widow's Walk
Vultures in the Sky
Blood I Bleed [Tiina Teal 2010]
Genocide (Catalepsy) [Tiina Teal 2010]
Shattered Illusions [Demo I 84]
Vultures in the Sky [Demo I 84]
Widows Walk [Demo II 84]
Holy Wars [Demo II 84]
Chemical Joy [Rehearsal 85]

LP 2 - Side A· 
Diseased [Demo III 87]
Wasted Time [Demo III 87]
All that Remain [Demo III 87]
Red to Grey [Demo IV 89]
Coming Down [Demo IV 89]
Loves Death [Demo IV 89]
Side B
Catalepsy - An Offering [Demo I 87] 
Catalepsy - Evil Within [Demo I 87] 
Catalepsy - Obituary Fear [Demo I 87] 
Catalepsy - Under the Influence [Demo II 88] 
Catalepsy - Law and Disorder [Demo II 88] 
Catalepsy - Who Can You Trust [Demo II 88] 
Catalepsy - Piece of My Heart (Janis Joplin) [Demo II 88]

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