18 November 2015

THIRD STORM "Tarîtîya Me" EP

Swedish band THIRD STORM have just released the EP "Tarîtîya Me" through Dark Descent Records.  This EP features two songs "Oath-Nava Agir" and "Tarîtîya Me" [with a total running time of 25:59] and marks the band´s return since their previous release in 1988, the "Smell Of Vomit In The Torture Hell" demo. THIRD STORM debut release was "Mad Man" demo in 1987. 

According to the official bio, the band formed in Upsala in 1986 returns with a new line up consisting of two original members, vocalist Heval Bozaslan and guitarist Jimmy Eriksson. Guitarist David Erikson, bassist Daniel Ekeroth and drummer Johan Ericsson.

THIRD STORM presents this EP as "a foretaste of what will come, as the band just announced that their first full-lenght [hopelly released sometime 2016] will be a concept album and part one of a trilogy".

Originally influenced by acts like Bathory, Venom and Hellhammer, the new musical direction portraied on "Tarîtîya Me" is a perfect ritual of Black Doom Metal, sounding dark and sinister, creating a truly somber atmosphere.  A perfect proof of it, is the song "Oath-Nava Agir", availbale on the official music video...

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